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Split Personality?- MKE Week 20

When its all said and done, this week I discovered that I have a split personality. In this particular case, I will however deviate from the true psychological definition of

Passion? MKE Week 18

Week 18 has been one of those weeks when the question that resonated with me most was, ” What would the Person I intend to become do next?” This question

Hero’s Journey- MKE Week 17J

This week was a very hard week for me. The Hero has begun the journey, and must continue putting to death anything that will hinder from completing the journey. I

Discipline- MKE Week 17

The journey continues on my Master Key Experience. We were encouraged to choose another one of Benjamin Franklin’s Makeover virtues. This week, I chose Discipline. As with the previous week

Makeover Part 2-MKE Week 16

We continue in Week 16 of MKE focusing on another of the virtues- Kindness. Our mandate was to look for kindnesses everywhere, and also to do two kind things without

Makeover Part 1-MKE Week 15

This week on MKE, we were introduced to the Benjamin Franklin Virtues Makeover. One of the requirements was to read his autobiography to see how he developed his 13 Virtues.

Intrinsic or Extrinsic? Week 14- MKE

This week, I am feeling led to focus on a few of the statements from the Master Key, Part 14. I grapple sometimes with whole focus of the subconscious being

Master Key Experience- Week 13

Finally, I am here in Week 13! I continue on the journey to the place where everything continues to make more and more sense. I am feeling so much like

Tight Rope – MKE WEEK 12

Somehow this week felt like a balancing act for me. There were several times when I had to sort of slow down and put everything I needed to do together.

Beef Stroganoff- MKE Week 11

Character, Mastery, Persistence, Plan, Purpose, and Self-Confidence were recurring themes in this week’s MKE. These are also the areas of my life that are in constant tweaking and development because