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The Truth Will Set You Free- MKE Week 24

This is the final week of this round of MKE. An introductory short video from a movie shown, dealt with insects and pollination. The main character in the movie( a

Money, Money, Money! MKE Week 23

When you believe that nothing happens in your life by accident, and that everything is “ordered” by the Creator, life becomes so much easier for us to embrace. My day

Emotional Potpourri- MKE Week 22A

This week as the title suggests, was a potpourri of emotions for me. Thoughts about the MKE and my progress, the future, my dreams, goals, challenges, all came like a

I Am Worthy! Am I Worthy? MKE- Week 22

I start this week with the statement, “We are worthy of anything we want but not of everything we want.” This particular statement, made me stop to think if I

Miracles- MKE Week 21

The lesson this week started out being a little scientific talking about atoms, electrons, protons and neutrons. To tell the truth, I was a little concerned that the whole training

Split Personality?- MKE Week 20

When its all said and done, this week I discovered that I have a split personality. In this particular case, I will however deviate from the true psychological definition of

Passion? MKE Week 18

Week 18 has been one of those weeks when the question that resonated with me most was, ” What would the Person I intend to become do next?” This question

Hero’s Journey- MKE Week 17J

This week was a very hard week for me. The Hero has begun the journey, and must continue putting to death anything that will hinder from completing the journey. I

Discipline- MKE Week 17

The journey continues on my Master Key Experience. We were encouraged to choose another one of Benjamin Franklin’s Makeover virtues. This week, I chose Discipline. As with the previous week

Makeover Part 2-MKE Week 16

We continue in Week 16 of MKE focusing on another of the virtues- Kindness. Our mandate was to look for kindnesses everywhere, and also to do two kind things without