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Hi, I’m Valerie – an excited, somewhat tenacious, entrepreneurial blogger on her way to new discoveries after asking myself,” why should I even try to re-invent myself when half my life is already over?”  Realizing that an “old dog” can learn new tricks, and that there are Not too many things about me that need changing for me to live a fulfilled life at my age. 

If you are like me, embarking on a new phase of life, maybe in the “Sandwich Generation” -caring for elderly parents and maybe adult children, or exactly like me- sans children(empty nester) and parents, and wanting answers to the “what next?” questions of your life… you will feel right at home here.

Early on

I was a stay at home mom, and caregiver, who always wanted to make a difference in the world. I have been educated, employed, unemployed, burnt out, happy, sad, challenged, and so much more. I have had this growing desire to be an entrepreneur, write a blog, and eventually a book. 

This desire for writing came after I sent a Christmas newsletter to relatives who responded that they loved how I expressed myself, and described the events of the past year.  I enjoy reading exciting prose, solving puzzles and equations, mysteries, and researching the heck out of things.

Now armed with “what next?” as my motivation, I look towards the future to rediscover the world outside the four walls of my home. 

My Journey to Now

Why am I doing this now?  Why did I start this blog? I believe that the same struggles or challenges I have, you might have too but maybe in different degrees.  You, like me, at this point are not sure how to solve them.  You just need some help on the journey, you need someone who has been/is there, done/doing that. 

I love to research to make sure I have the most effective solutions. So, whatever value or information I offer, comes from this place.  I also love people, and love helping them in whatever way I can. I will be very candid in sharing my personal experiences, whether good or bad, because I believe this is truly how we become transparent and I can offer really beneficial information.

I offer very practical, actionable guidance and suggestions to help you make the best decisions.  Some of the areas I am “readjusting” in my life now has to do with health, fitness, wellness(mental/emotional/spiritual/physical), finances(personal/retirement), travel, fashion, changing relationships, and an area that has been so real for me- the reality of negative self-talk!

I am seeking travelling partners who are willing to learn from my experiences, to collaborate with as we try to navigate through the challenges we all face when we reach a certain milestone in our “mature” lives. I know I will not have all the answers, but I am so excited to interact and exchange thoughts, experiences, and suggestions with you all. So, read more and Come with me!

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