Fried or Scrambled? MKE Week 8

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This was the week where we saw how things tied together. It was all about “Linking and Connecting.”

I saw how the actions of creating our DMP was akin to a builder building a structure and needing firstly the plans from the architect, and the architect getting them from his imagination. This is the reason we need to find our DHARMA or DMP(Definite Major Purpose.) We/I cannot create my future if I do not have a plan that first springs from my imagination!

Imagination must not be confused with Fancy, or that form of daydreaming(8:14) Our imagination must be constructive it “.. means mental labor, by some considered to be the hardest kind of labor, but, if so, it yields the greatest returns, for all the things in life have come to men and women who had the capacity to think, to imagine, and to make their dreams come true.“(MKE 8:15)

As I continue rediscovering and analyzing my true desires, I also need to check if my imagination is constructive and in keeping with what I have already determined to be my DMP. There have been a few moments when I realized that I was actually day dreaming and what I was allowing to pass through my mind had nothing at all to do with my journey.

I constantly have to remember that my every thought must be constructive, and the more it is so, the more constructive actions I will take. I am getting better at this.

With the 86,400 seconds I am given each day, I am also learning how to manage them wisely. It is so very easy to be distracted along the way. I find that whenever I have deviated from Emmet Fox’s, “The Seven Day Mental Diet.” and forget to “train myself to choose the subject of my thinking at any given time, and also to choose the emotional tone…” I get confused and anxious, and start to doubt if I will really accomplish what I am going after.

I do not like to be in this place and must remind myself of KARMA(the Law of Cause and Effect), remembering that everything I do is a choice and every choice has a consequence.

To be successful with MKE, which will eventually be the reality my life, I have much work to do, especially “mental” work because this is where I have struggled mostly. I am determined to get out of the “Rabbit Hole.”

I always keep my Promises!


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  1. Roberta

    I love your comment about constantly having to remember to keep every thought constructive! So important! Just not what we were used to doing…getting easier with the master keys!

    1. darval

      Thanks, Roberta, you are very correct. We have to constantly remember to keep our thoughts constructive. This is so much more difficult when we have to undo years of doing the opposite. Do you have a blog also? I would love to visit it. Take care.

    1. darval


  2. John Francetic

    Valerie, good for you for realizing imagination must be constructive and takes mental labor. From your blog rover friend John.

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