How To Become More Positive And Pay It Forward

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It has been several months since I last created a post, and so many things have been happening in my life. I am excited, and a little overwhelmed with all the ideas I have been populating in my mind. This is even more so because today, September 9, 2021, is when the 2021 Master Key Experience(MKE) is launching.

I look back on my life before starting this program, and I remember how confused I was and feeling as if my life had no direction, and being stuck without a way to actualize the desire in me to be successful, first as an entrepreneur, and then a writer eventually. Then I was introduced to the MKE on its launch day, last September, 2020, just like today.

I am recalling the first truths I discovered about myself at the beginning of the program. I understood the limitations I had placed upon myself came from all the negativity, and wrong thinking I had fed to my subconscious mind over the years. These negative thoughts and feelings then became my belief system which in turn affected what I did, and how I continued to feel weak and incapable of great things.

What are the things or steps I learnt and followed that have contributed to my more positive outlook on life and my future? How did I start to unlearn the debilitating thoughts and feelings I had stored in my subconscious mind? What did I do to get from there to here?

When the program started, I realized I was hungry for, and very receptive to anything that aligned with the truth of who I am in light of what the Bible says about my identity, but I felt was not true because I felt more “wrong” than right. I had been forgetting that according to 2 Timothy 1:7: ” I have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.” And, Philippians 4:13, which tells me that, ” I can do all things through Him, who strengthens me.”

My very first blog post highlighted the thoughts and concepts that were the building blocks for the program. There were so many “head bursting” things to implement, or so I thought, but realizing their importance reduced the “pressure” I was feeling.

Creating my Definite Major Purpose(DMP), reading the Greatest Salesman in the World(Og Mandino), creating my DHARMA(dream board of accomplishments with dates, finding at least 50 things I had accomplished in my life up until that moment, reading the 7 Day Mental Diet, by Emmet Fox, saying daily positive affirmations to remind myself of the greatness in myself, and just making the conscious decision to start thinking differently, all made me feel hopeful about my life changing.

How to become more positive? Implementing the teachings and believing that they have been successful in changing the direction of many lives, and then making the promise to myself in the Blueprint Builder to:

  1. Know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my DMP in life.
  2. Realize that the dominating thoughts of my mind will eventually reproduce themselves into reality for me..
  3. Know that through the principle of auto-suggestion, any desire I persistently hold in my mind will seek expression in either lack of, or the development of Self-Confidence.
  4. Clearly write down a description of my Definite Chief Aim in life, and will never stop trying until I have attained it.
  5. Fully realize that no wealth or position can endure, unless built upon truth and justice…and I must eliminate hatred, envy, selfishness, or any other of these negative vices because these will never bring me success. The reciprocation of my belief in others and theirs in me ultimately result in success for us all.

Signing my name to this Blueprint was my promise to myself that with my Faith as a companion, my thoughts and actions would be influenced to the extent that I will become a self-reliant, and successful person.

With the shift I have had in my thinking, the growth of positive self-esteem, the realization that I have greatness in me, and I am on the path to seeing my dreams(DHARMA) become a reality in my life, I cannot help but “pay it forward.” I am paying it forward by sharing this my Master Key Experience with others, helping them to see for themselves what I have been discovering, so they too can be self-reliant and successful. This is my Promise.

I always keep my Promises!


I'm Valerie Darlington ( MBA-Healthcare). A Jamaican born entrepreneur, philanthropist, and blogger who help 50+ women learn how to make money, look good, get healthier, retire well, and be more successful in the second half of their lives. Dogs are my Kryptonite, and my forte is history and research. I am obsessed with researching and finding the best, most effective way to accomplish any task set before me. I am on a journey - committed to finding the best, productive, and most fun way to live after doing the parenting thing, and caring for elderly parents ( I have so much experience here). I am committed to helping you, the mature woman figure out and do the same with the "what nexts?" of your life.

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