How To Know If You Should Really Do A Three-Day Holiday Smoothie Cleanse.

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Have you ever awakened and felt there must be a change? This happened to me the day after Thanksgiving celebrations. I guess it resulted from all the sweet treats I ingested. I tend to gravitate to my comfort foods when I am under pressure, and preparing for Thanksgiving was no exception. With this in mind, I decided to start correcting the problem. I am starting a 3-Day Holiday, leading into a 10-Day Smoothie Cleanse.

A few years ago, I did a 10-Day Smoothie Cleanse and liked the results even after a few days. I lost some weight and was even feeling better. The regimen then was 10 days on, taking a break, and then restarting after a few days. I never went past the first 10 days, so I am deciding to do it in 3-day intervals at this time, so my brain does not start to panic that I am taking my body into deprivation.

I contemplated if I should do the juice or smoothie cleanse, and decided on the smoothie cleanse because it was more filling for me. I felt like I did in fact “eat” food, as opposed to just drinking regular juice without any fiber in it.


I will list the reasons, or rather the benefits as I experienced then, and know will still happen now. I believe this is one of the best ways to hit the ground running with healthier eating habits, especially after all the eating and indulgences of the holiday season. Juice and Smoothie cleanses are very popular, and I think this is because they do work.

  • You Will Break Your Unhealthy Cravings.

This is my greatest struggle when my body is not performing at its best. I constantly crave unhealthy foods (mostly sweets). I have found this to be true because the more I had healthy smoothies, my cravings were reduced, and I wanted to eat more healthily.

  • You Will Reset Your Body.

The Cleanse not only reduces unhealthy cravings but also allows your body to recover from all the processed foods, unhealthy substances, and sugar it was ingesting. This resets your body to help it start working properly again. In my case, the sluggishness I was feeling before, retreated.

  • You Will Feel More Energetic.

Healthy eating results in your body getting all the nutrients it needs. Removing unhealthy foods and substances basically makes you feel more energetic to do the things you struggled with before. I experienced more of a bounce in my steps when my energy returned.

  • You Will Sleep Much Better.

This was a very huge improvement for me. While caring for my mother before she passed, most nights I did not sleep because I had to watch over and care for her. This meant that I would get at most two to three hours of sleep at night, and was not able to make it up during the day because I was her only caregiver. The cleanse dramatically improved my sleep quality. I slept for hours, had more REM sleep, and woke up feeling so refreshed and rested.

  • You Will Get Clearer Skin.

I have been told before that I have great skin. However, I observed on the cleanse that my skin did get brighter and clearer. Even the white of my eyes got whiter. The toxins removed from my body aided this and I was very pleased.

  • You Will Boost Your Immune System.

At certain times of the year( Fall and Spring), I tend to get allergies and colds. I realized that during and after the cleanse, I was not so susceptible to them anymore. This really benefits those of us who are seeking to stay healthy during allergy, cold, and flu seasons.

  • You Will Improve Your Digestion.

Good gut flora is crucial for the easy digestion of our foods. When our body is able to adequately digest the foods we eat, bloating, constipation and gas are minimized. The healthier smoothie blend of fruit and vegetables are processed and digested in a better manner.

  • You Will Electrify Your Weightloss Journey.

The purpose of starting the last Smoothie Cleanse was primarily to lose weight. I mentioned earlier that I did lose some weight. It was and is so encouraging to see the pounds on the scale reduce in numbers in just a matter of three days. With your digestion improving, nutrients being absorbed, and your body resetting, it is only natural that your metabolism will reset, and weight loss is inevitable.


I am sure that after seeing the benefits of the 3-Day Cleanse, you are now excited to begin so you can start experiencing the benefits, especially with the New Year fast approaching.

Pre-plan and Choose Your Smoothies.

To choose my smoothies, I did an internet search to find the ones I would like the best. Including a variety of organic fruits and vegetables is crucial to ensure our body gets all the nutrients it needs. There is a book written by JJ Smith, the author of the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, that I found very helpful.

Drink Plenty Of Water And Herbal Teas.

Healthy Detox GreenTea

Drinking plenty of water (eight glasses minimum) during the cleanse, aids in flushing toxins from our bodies. In some schools, it is also suggested that we should drink half of our body weight in water because this not only helps to flush toxins but also keeps our bodies hydrated. Herbal teas also help to detox our bodies. The benefit I especially liked was a cup before bed to help me sleep better.

There are some really nice nighttime tea blends that send you into slumber easily. Green Tea also has tremendous benefits because it helps to reduce body fat and weight, stimulates digestion, and prevents high blood pressure. Even though Green Tea is high in antioxidants, it also has caffeine, so do not drink it too late in the day because it can interfere with your sleep.

Drink Three to Four Glasses Of Smoothies Daily.

I personally discovered that I did not need four glasses of smoothies per day. In fact, I only needed two glasses to meet my needs. In between the smoothies, I felt like chewing, so I would eat an apple or low-sugar fruit, and this helped to satiate my hunger and meet my nutritional needs. I think that if I did a juice cleanse instead of the smoothies, I would probably need eight glasses of juice because there was no fiber in them.

Avoid Caffeine, Processed Foods, and Sugar.

The Cleanse is all about feeding our body with natural foods, so avoiding these types of stimulants is crucial. These stimulants will interfere with our body’s natural cleansing process.

Get Plenty Of Rest.

Adequate rest is necessary while doing your three-day smoothie cleanse. Getting rest will help your body detox and heal properly. I recently watched a video clip on Instagram, ” Napping vs Medicine” (Harvard Medical Study) that spoke about the need to take naps during the day if necessary to make up for lost sleep at night. The reason for this according to the presenter, who confirmed it with his doctor, is that there was a 37% decrease in heart disease for habitual nappers. So, if napping alone can have this really positive effect on our health, so much more plenty, regular rest.

Pay Attention To Your Body.

Each of us is different, and what affects one person might not necessarily affect another. I did my first fast with my cousin, and she reported feeling sluggish and tired. I, on the other hand, did not. So listen to your body, and take a break to rest if you feel sluggish and tired.


It can be very confusing when trying to figure out the best fruits and vegetables to use. It is best to choose less of the high-sugar fruits which can spike blood sugar, and more of the low-sugar fruits like tart berries, and green apples that give more balanced energy.

Healthy Fruits and Vegetables For Smoothie Cleanse

Using unsweetened almond milk is also acceptable to use instead of water. I found it helpful to use nut butters (almond/cashew butter), and ground flax seeds, all of which offer some healthy fats and protein to the shakes. These will help to keep you satiated for longer.

  • Apples ( preferably green Granny Smith)
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Strawberries
  • Bananas(sparingly-high sugar)
  • Pineapples- high sugar
  • Peaches- high sugar
  • Melons- high sugar
  • Mangoes- high sugar
  • Grapes-high sugar
  • Kiwis
  • Lemons
  • Beets
  • Cucumbers
  • Celery
  • Greens (collards, kale, spinach)
  • Avocados

Are Smoothies Better Than Eating The Whole Fruits and Vegetables?

There are some who prefer to eat whole fruits and vegetables rather than blending or juicing. I can understand this preference because I think the act of chewing instead of drinking might give the feeling of really feeding the body. As I am sharing in this post, I am currently on another cleanse. For my “dinner” smoothie, I felt like chewing instead of drinking, so I steamed my vegetables and ate some fruit to satisfy my craving for something sweet. It worked!

So Should You Do a Three-Day Smoothie Cleanse?

The answer is a resounding yes if you want to boost your health and immune system, jumpstart your weight loss, detox, improve digestion, and your general wellness. My “sweet tooth” cravings for pecan pie, lemon cake, cookies, and anything sweet and gooey were reduced. This is really possible in three days.

There are some more important aspects of the three-day smoothie cleanse I will share in a couple more posts, so come back here to check them out. You can start with the information here, and I can say, you will not be disappointed.

I always keep my Promises!

Have you ever started and completed a detox cleanse before? How was it? Did you like the results? I would love to hear about your experiences. Let’s talk.


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