Love, Fear & Visualization-MKE Week 7

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Week 7 continues the journey and was jam packed with such a wealth of positive ways to bring about change in my life.

Firstly, reading Scroll II of Og Mandino’s GSW, started out with this statement, ” I (will) greet this day with Love in my heart.” This is such a positive way to begin each day. When the word ‘will’ is removed from the statement, it adds so much power and possibility for it to become the basis of everything we do or say for that day. My carryover idea from Scroll I- ” Failure will no longer be my payment for the struggle..” ties in so well with what Og expresses in paragraph 3 when he speaks about how having love in our hearts helps us to look at all things with love- the sun, the rain, light, and even the darkness because it shows us(me) the stars. He also adds that this love enables us to endure sadness because it opens my(our) soul, obstacles are my challenge, and when this love opens my soul I am able to acknowledge rewards because they are my due. This is such a profound way to see all things and keep them in perspective!

The 7 Day Mental Diet has been a challenging exercise for me. On the honor system with this Diet, if for any reason I allowed a negative thought to invade my subconscious, I had to start over to day one again. This week started out a little “overwhelming” for me because again I was under the weather, and had missed the live training and assignments, and the fear of not being able to catch up, sent me along a very negative path. I realized that one negative thought led to another- I worried about money, my health, my growing list of undone household chores, my dying plants because I had not the energy to go outside to water them. It was just a cascading river of negative thoughts. Things just felt out of control for me and the Bible verse- Job 3:5- ” What I feared most has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.” was so very real. The “old” me, being anxious, fearful, and having the feeling of resignation( I can’t be bothered) scared me as to how easy it was for me to shift from positive to negative. This was very telling for me.

Emmet Fox shared in The Seven Day Mental Diet, In short, if you want to make your life happy and worth while, which is what God wishes you to make it, you must begin immediately to train yourself in habit of thought selection and thought control.” I allowed my thoughts and feelings of overwhelm to take control of me. It was really too easy for me to go there. This is Not what God wishes for me. I have failed in some areas of my life because of my tendency to” concentrate on loss, disease and disaster. The law is operating perfectly; the things they(I) fear are coming upon them.” MKE is opening my eyes to admit and accept who I am, and what my tendencies are- this scares the ‘ heebie-jeebies’ out of me:-( How do I fix this? What’s my alternative? MKE says, ” Concentrate on the ideals which you desire to see manifested in your life.

I always keep my Promises!”

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Melina Dahl November 20, 2020 - 2:39 pm

Thank you so much for sharing <3 This journey is great, isn´t it!?

darval December 16, 2020 - 5:17 pm

Yes, it is. Melina I get excited looking at your artwork. I look at your creations and am looking forward to when the art supplies I keep buying will help me create like you. Keep drawing/painting/creating!


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