Makeover Part 2-MKE Week 16

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We continue in Week 16 of MKE focusing on another of the virtues- Kindness. Our mandate was to look for kindnesses everywhere, and also to do two kind things without getting caught.

The emphasis of the training this week was to continue tying everything together. This everything, included living by the compass, continuing the practice with the flash cards, saying the affirmations, making entries on the Franklin Makeover Sheet, reading Scroll IV, reading, listening, sitting, and just rededicating myself daily to do the important things. I cannot remember if it was Mark J, or Davene, who encouraged us to focus on what we want, and refuse to give up.

As a group we were encouraged to “go for” 4000 kindnesses and record them on the spreadsheet. I sort of had a little challenge performing these kindnesses, and doing the two things without getting caught because of my limited sphere of influence.

Why is my sphere of influence limited? I am alone at home with my hubby and hardly leave the house to be a blessing to others. At home, I am generally kind to my hubby, and we just do what is necessary for each other in terms of kindnesses. I had to really concentrate to find something I never normally did for him.

I realized after a while that I was over thinking everything, and I just had to think about anything that I consciously did for him. He knows that when it comes to taking care of myself I will defer for him. One of the areas he helps me with is eating more fruit and veggies. He bought the fruit, cut it up in bite sized pieces, and actually put it in front of me to eat it. I was very grateful for that. To reciprocate, I cleaned up the kitchen counters for him after the fruit peeling mess he made.

A definition of Kindness I found on the internet is this,” Kindness is the sincere and voluntary use of one’s time, talent and resources to better the lives of others, one’s own life, and the world through genuine acts of love, compassion, generosity, and service….kindness involves choice.” As I continue on the Hero’s journey to understanding the beauty/strength/spirit within myself, I know there will be many more opportunities to be kind.

I always keep my Promises!


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  1. John Francetic

    Valerie. good for you for your acts of kindness. From your blog rover friend John.

  2. Naila N Din

    I loved that you mentioned you cleaned up the kitchen for your husband after he cut the fruit for you into bite-size pieces and brought them over to you. It all made me smile. Often we think we have to do big acts of kindness but there is much magic in the small acts of kindness that we often overlook.

    1. darval

      Naila, I find that like myself, many think that the act of kindness has to be big for it to be meaningful. I am learning that it is Not so, and we must not overthink things:-)

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