Master Key Experience- Week 13

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Finally, I am here in Week 13! I continue on the journey to the place where everything continues to make more and more sense. I am feeling so much like the trees pushing up from the rocks- no matter what and how many things(exercises) I must complete on a daily basis, I must push through to success!

The training on MKE this week was very uplifting, encouraging, and exciting. It was exciting because I could see and feel my DMP becoming a reality and taking on flesh, which makes it so much more tangible. I am feeling more hopeful in that reality.

Mark, Davene and Lori with their style and tone of delivery help to paint the future picture of my/our lives making everything seem doable, and it did not feel coerced or fake because they were living their reality- the same one they are teaching us to embrace!

Luc Griffet told his story of persistence and was able to weave and show us how the MKE motivated him to accomplish his dreams goals, and was very much a part of his life. I enjoyed listening to his story.

Mark introduced us to NARC-Neurological Associative Reactive Conditioning. This is a the technique that enables us to leverage our mind(subconscious) to make choices that are associated with pain or pleasure.

When Mark told his story about the phone feeling so very heavy when he was building his business, that kept him from making phone calls. I was able to relate to him, because this is still something I struggle with, much to my chagrin. Listening to him tell his story, reminded me why I made the decision to do the MKE- learning how to change my thinking, implementing positive actions to get there, and believing that I really can and will accomplish great things.

I like Mark saying that he loves prospecting now, and with NARC, he was able to attach pleasure with making calls, and pain to Not making calls. This is such a doable eureka moment for me. I can do this! I think about my Press Release and the things I want in this lifetime, and since it takes money to accomplish them, I need to Love prospecting and associating it with pleasure, will work for me.

In the training also, Mark encouraged us to watch a few movies. I chose Cool Runnings. I chose this movie because it was about the resilience and determination of the men from my own country of birth- Jamaica. These young men decided to use what they had( a go cart) and its concept of moving to train and enter into an Olympian contest on ice with a bobsled to compete with others who had the clear advantage of training with a real bobsled.

These guys were persistent and just going after their dream. Another aspect of the movie that appealed to me, was the role John Candy played by being their coach, mentoring them and encouraging them- this was also crucial to their success. I believe this is the role Mark, Davene and the team are doing in our lives with MKE- showing us the possibilities, and helping to equip us with what we need to succeed.

In this training we were again encouraged to be become really grateful persons because, “the more things we are grateful for, the more things we get to be grateful for.” This is like, ” the more I give, the more I receive.” Gratitude is a cause, and here is where the Law of Growth takes on flesh.

Like the boys said in Cool Runnings, ” Feel the Rhythm feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s bobsled time.”

I must keep moving and being persistent, I must apply NARC to my business activities, I must be more grateful, and I must look at my compass that keeps me going “true north” in the direction of my dreams/goals.

I always keep my Promises!


I'm Valerie Darlington ( MBA-Healthcare). A Jamaican born entrepreneur, philanthropist, and blogger who help 50+ women learn how to make money, look good, get healthier, retire well, and be more successful in the second half of their lives. Dogs are my Kryptonite, and my forte is history and research. I am obsessed with researching and finding the best, most effective way to accomplish any task set before me. I am on a journey - committed to finding the best, productive, and most fun way to live after doing the parenting thing, and caring for elderly parents ( I have so much experience here). I am committed to helping you, the mature woman figure out and do the same with the "what nexts?" of your life.

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    1. Naila Din

      Thank you for your post. I too have watched the film Cool Runnings and it inspired me to focus on what it is I want to experience and keep applying the action needed to get there. You are doing amazing following through with the learning with the MKE. You’re on your bobsled with the MKE as your team.

      1. darval

        Thanks, Naila. That is how I feel most of the times, Naila, that I am on a bobsled where the wheels(sled) is moving beneath me, and have to hang on for dear life:-) May I ask a question? I notice with your posts the dates are not current. Does this mean you are re-doing the MKE again, and if so is it for a refresher. Please tell me more about this. Thanks.

  1. John Francetic

    Valerie, you shall push to your success. From your blog rover friend John.

    1. darval

      Thanks again, John. You encourage me to plow on:-)

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