Passion Will make You Question Everything! MKE Week 18

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Week 18 has been one of those weeks when the question that resonated with me most was, ” What would the Person I intend to become do next?” This question had me choosing to re-live the emotions, excitement of my Dharma and my Blue Print Builder.

One other question, ” Will I be described as having Passion after I die?”, also had me thinking about how I was living my life now, was I still dreaming about my future self, and am I really enjoying every moment of my ‘present’ life?

My last week’s post that focused on death, and my emotional and sad journey through the memories, again reared it’s ugly head because one of the assignments was to look at obituaries and ask the questions that pertained to me being here, and they being ‘there’.

I did not do this assignment, because of the memories associated with it. I was able on the other hand though to appreciate the fact that I am still here, and this means my purpose is still not fulfilled/achieved.

I was able to be grateful for my life, and as Mark J and the team encouraged, ” Give Thanks in Everything.” As a believer, the giving thanks in everything is a command for me to obey because it is God’s will for me. Therefore it tells me that any painful situation or loss in my life must be embraced with thanksgiving even when the experience seems unbearable, and my mind is bombarded with sad thoughts.

This is hard, but I also know it can be done, and though I became a little “crippled” by memories of my Mom, I must remember that whatever I think about grows( Law of Growth), and it is a subconscious decision/choice to stay in the negative/sad place for long. I can remember, but I should seek to remember our life and experiences together, and celebrate those, with thanksgiving.

I am moving forward evaluating myself with honesty.

I am not pretending to be happy, not thinking that the grass is always greener over there, seeking my miracle that I know is coming, and awakening the genie(genius) in me.

I am recognizing that the Lamp is my thoughts, and remembering to use NARC when my fears of the phone tell me to put off making those calls until the next day.

Am I as far along on this journey as I would love to be? No, I am not! Am I consistent? Not always! Am I the Greatest Salesman? No, but I am becoming. Stagnation is not an option for me, and I constantly have to get out of my own way. I am hopeful though.

I think that MKE, Part 18: 24 and 25 describe what I am working through and what I must remember and apply- what do you think? They state:

In order to grow we must obtain what is essential for our growth, but as we are at all times a complete thought entity, this completeness makes it possible for us to receive only as we give; growth is therefore conditioned on reciprocal action, and we find that on the mental plane like attracts like, that mental vibrations respond only to the extent of their vibratory harmony.

25: It is clear, therefore that thoughts of abundance will respond only to similar thoughts; the wealth of the individual is seen to be what he inherently is. Affluence within is found to be the secret of attraction for affluence without. The ability to produce is found to be the real source of wealth of the individual. It is for this reason that he who has his heart in his work is certain to meet with unbounded success. He will give and continually give; and the more he gives, the more he will receive.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.

I always keep my promises!


I'm Valerie Darlington ( MBA-Healthcare). A Jamaican born entrepreneur, philanthropist, and blogger who help 50+ women learn how to make money, look good, get healthier, retire well, and be more successful in the second half of their lives. Dogs are my Kryptonite, and my forte is history and research. I am obsessed with researching and finding the best, most effective way to accomplish any task set before me. I am on a journey - committed to finding the best, productive, and most fun way to live after doing the parenting thing, and caring for elderly parents ( I have so much experience here). I am committed to helping you, the mature woman figure out and do the same with the "what nexts?" of your life.

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  1. John Francetic

    Valerie, good for you for believing you are becoming Your Greatest Salesman. From your blog rover friend John.

    1. darval

      Thank you, John for being on this journey with me.

  2. Naila Din

    A beautiful blog, thank you Valerie for writing it. I call feel the passion in your words. Thank you!

  3. Melina Dahl

    Love to read your thoughts Valeri. Thank you so much for sharing <3

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