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Hello, my name is Val, and I am starting again. Or should I just say, ” I am transitioning into another phase of my life.” I have cared for, and buried our parents, and, our children are no longer at home. With these two major mile stones behind me, I am trying to figure out what is next for me.

I am finally starting my blog because it is something I have always wanted to do, and now that time has been “freed up” for me, I want to use this platform to share my challenges, re-education, ideas, and methods that will re-create me. 

I am a woman of no specific color, religion, or race.  I believe sometimes you feel like a “what next?”, and sometimes you don’t.  As we collaborate on our journey through “what next?” I hope you will find here to be a safe place in an unsafe world. It is also my hope that as I take this journey, I will be able to help you on your similar journey. There will be similarities, and differences in our experiences, but I strongly believe that we are innately the same.

We will talk about re-entering the job market, and the issues related to this. Health, financial, emotional, relational, and physical issues will be some of the common themes, and the tried and proven “how to” that help to solve them that I am adopting, or have used myself.

I am excited about this adventure! Come along with me.

THANK YOU, for being here, and please leave a comment below the article if you are ready to walk with me, or you have any questions.


I'm Valerie Darlington ( MBA-Healthcare). A Jamaican born entrepreneur, philanthropist, and blogger who help 50+ women learn how to make money, look good, get healthier, retire well, and be more successful in the second half of their lives. Dogs are my Kryptonite, and my forte is history and research. I am obsessed with researching and finding the best, most effective way to accomplish any task set before me. I am on a journey - committed to finding the best, productive, and most fun way to live after doing the parenting thing, and caring for elderly parents ( I have so much experience here). I am committed to helping you, the mature woman figure out and do the same with the "what nexts?" of your life.

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  1. William

    I like your blog, it has a warmness about it that makes it an easy and comfortable read.

    1. darval

      Thank you very much, William. I appreciate your kind and encouraging description of the “warmness” and ease of reading.

  2. Veronica

    Hi Darval,
    Many people reached their greatest success in life during the same period that you are in right now. I look forward to reading about how you maneuver in this period of life!

    1. darval

      Elenebaw, I tried getting over to your blog, but there is a broken link or something. I got a 404 error message.

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