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Master Key Experience- Week 5

This picture perfectly describes how I felt in Week 5. I did not feel like myself, I did not look like myself, I was Not myself, because I was ill!

Master Key Experience- Week 3

Where do I begin? Week three! The main purpose of this “re-training” the subconscious mind is exactly that- to teach ourselves how to escape from limiting thoughts and beliefs. The

Master Key Experience- Week 2

Aloha! Another week on this program, and my excitement has not waned. In fact this week I was more actively involved in the exercises given by my team to accomplish,

Master Key Experience

Today I am feeling hopeful, a little unsure, but very excited about the direction I am going. When I first started writing, my main desire was to share my experiences

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Why I Finally Started my Blog

Just a woman in Progress, dealing with the every day, common, what next?”challenges of Life